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Cyber-thieves are out there and working hard to separate you from your money. It’s crucial you protect your account information. Need some tips on how to keep your accounts safe? We can help!

  • Never share your online banking username or password. A trending scam is to trick or force people into giving away their online banking information, such as username and password. The scammers tend to reach out on social media platforms, pretending to offer money in exchange for online banking credentials. A good rule to follow is to never release your online banking login information to anyone, for any reason.
  • Never let an individual eDeposit checks for you. Is someone wanting to eDeposit a check into your account from their phone or home computer? This may be a red flag. It’s a safe practice to never give another individual access to your accounts via eDeposit.
  • Never share your account numbers. Account numbers are unique to you. Never share these numbers with anyone – even friends or family – especially on a social media platform such as Facebook or Instagram.
  • If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Did you see a social media post offering cash in exchange for your personal banking information? Meritrust will never reach out to you via Facebook or Instagram to offer you cash. If you believe an offer from a stranger on social media sounds too good to be true, please use discretion, contact Meritrust and we’ll help you determine if an offer is legitimate.

Keeping your account information safe and secure is a top priority at Meritrust. If you ever have questions or concerns about suspicious checks or potential scams, please give us a call at 800.342.9278 to discuss your options.

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